Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today as I drove home I witnessed a passing of time for our small town. I wondered if this time would come...hoping it wouldn't really.
As I sat at the light a funeral procession drove by. As is custom in our town, all lanes stop and remain stopped for the entire procession. Today, as soon as the officer drove on to catch up with the hurse, the traffic resumed their going on down the road. Although the family had gone by there were another twenty or so cars in line. 
How sad that in our small town we are in such a hurry as to not wait another moment for the passing of a life unknown.
So many times I have been in the family line-up. Looking at the cars stopped alongside the road, men standing outside with their caps removed, children and adults stop their activities in the yards for the passing of our cars, I am thankful for America and a small town where most are taught what I call funeral etiquette. I am thankful for all those who have stopped their lives for a moment to pay their respect to another's grief.

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