Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mother's Day the phone rings early in the morning. I know what that means; Randy is calling to give me results of his meeting with the Ministry of Interior. The news is not good. His passport was denied and he has a couple of weeks left in the country. Knowing I have to be at church soon and look nice like nothing is wrong makes no difference. I am broken hearted that I cannot go. We were supposed to leave in three weeks, now we won't be spending our summer there serving.
Randy and I both cry at the loss of a dream. For him it has been four years in the making. For me it has also been four years in the making. His love for the people was instant. My love and willingness to submit to the call of God was literally 4 years long. This is truly a testement of God's ability to work in our lives. Lately, I have been so ready to leave that one of my bags is already packed. I separated everything that would go from what would stay. I was cleaning one last time. I could not get gone fast
As we are numb with disappointment we know God has a plan as he tells us in Jeremiah 29:11.
It's a good plan. We are seeking the Lord on what to do next. Hardly a thought from the day does not revolve around Israel or what next? Prayer for a clear direction is almost on my every breath.
Our boys seem a bit disappointed after finally being onboard with going. It is with them in mind that we contemplate our next steps. The song, "In Christ ALone" that gets me through the day with a clear focus; so we continue to pray and seek.