Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

We had an impromtu family reunion Independance week end. We've lost several of our sweet family memebers this spring so it was nice to get together for a reason other than shared grief. This is reminicent of our regular get togethers...the kind we had when I was growing up...the birthdays, holidays, everything was marked with a table of food and talking. Generations have gone on...we remain.

Randy Motz, Tom and Dad

Lesley, Becky, Darenda, Leslie
Aunt Betty, Teddy


Aunt Betty, Leslie, Tom, Becky, Teddy

I can hear James, "Now Lester....."

 We always bring out pictures and "remember whens..."

Then there's the cousin pciture..."where will we stand?"  issue

And who's weird idea was it to immitate Uncle Quinten always lifting his leg for a picture?
You can tell I'm none too fond of this.

Some of the poor guys who have married into this family...
and they're still here!

My family.
Leslie, me, Tacie, Mom

Face Time

 Tom who married Lesley
 Uncle Randy
 Lesley & Darenda
 My Mr. & Janna
Lesley, Becky. Austin & Les
 Aunt Tacie & MeMaw
MeMaw. Aunt Betty, Teddy
Aunt Gerri, in her young days, now residing in Heaven. 
Couldn't find a pic. of Rancie who now lives there too.