Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just thinking...

There's a box flying to my loved one tomorrow...Things lovingly chosen will soon be in the hands of the reciever. I am so happy to send things from home he forgot but as I drove away a sadness fell over me as well. I had forgotten Pop Tarts, I forgot to include family photos that now have been left two times. I don't think I could be away from everyone and not have my photos. Lord, fill that gap too as you supply all his needs.
As I Shopped for the necessary things I would talk to those who worked in the stores. Thinking my husband was military they would ask how long he would be deployed. As long as God sees fit is my long as the door is open and until the day the guard doesn't stamp the passport.
I am amazed how the doors fly open to be witness to what we are doing and the doors that are opening for R. As I tell them how openly the people of the land are seeking the truth, I watch their faces change. Sometimes it is witht he desire to be as openly seeking...sometimes they just don't get it. Nontheless, it gives opportunity for me to say that we are telling everybody about and there...."and at the feet of Jesus, every knee will bow...."
I love how the hearts of the women I work near are changing. There's a great relationship where non existed before. See what happens when you stop and take an interest in people? They now listen to the new intently, if I don't come right over to say hello, they worry about me. They share lunches, memories, wedding albums and distresses with me. I understand that they are my ministry...while I didn't work as closely with women in our church body the Lord revealed to me I wasn't called to. There are plenty of women inside the walls of our church to walk alongside the needy and they aren't going ministry is to the women outside our church walls, to the ones who will never pass through our doors. With our calling to go...I am in preparation to recognize the needs of those ladies even while I await my departure. They are my mission field and I am a picture of how God is leading and directing our family. They have been here before, during and after the call to go, they have watched the process....."for you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you says my Lord"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happenings since August

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord......"

It's been a busy fall and winter around our house. Stefan switched highschools and is now at Paris High. He loves it! It was a busy football season for him and we saw improvements in his abilities on the field. The big rival game against North Lamar brought the injury that would remove him from athletics for the rest of the season.
Jansen who never lets me photograph him has been busy with work and his little red
'69 Volkswagon Baja Bug. It's loud and all little boys race to get a glimpse of it going by.
It's constantly needing work and has brought him loads of fun as he has taken it mudding.
He also turned 18 in January...we did get to take his picture that day.
Many of you know our lives have taken a new turn. We are now full-time missionaries.
Randy left in January to find a place to settle us. We brought Candace and Madison for one more trip home before his departure. Andrew had to work and couldn't come. We are waiting for the day when he's able to make it back to Texas for a visit. We praise the Lord that we have had some great conversations with him lately.
This old farm truck is what the kids learned to drive in when we lived in the country. Randy
would stand inside the door and they would try to peak over the steering wheel and drive all over the open field behind our house. Randy and the boys put a 454 engine it...we recently sold it. That pretty well tore me up. I saw one more thing from my children's childhood leave. One thing we all loved and remembered fondly.
We also lost Blue, our Australian Shepherd who walked beside us faithfully for 10 yrs.
The preparation to move on and remove things that would hinder and worry us while on the field is painful. It's a closing of doors that I am not ready in my heart to close.