Friday, May 22, 2009

As a post script to the Spring on Margaret post...
The Mountain was levelled by the city who so kindly removed the tree that fell but it also removed the land of adventure for the children. How sad that it is really did mark a passing of time for their imaginations. Also gone is Sissy. As I went to work part-time we found it hard to leave her wandering about the house, alone. She went to a wonderful family who was about to lose their daucshund of many years. I am sure she will hold a special place in their heart and bring great joy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring on Margaret

We sit outside now that the weather permits. In the evening if one family is outside the others will migrate over and visit for a while. The neighborhood rings with the laughter of children as they play with our new puppy, Sissy or as they run up the mountain. It's really a small pile of dirt waiting to be spread but "the mountain" is a wonderful land of adventure to the kids. We have watched as they play make believe and conquer new worlds that only their little minds can create. I hesitate to spread the dirt for it will mark a passing in their young life.

This family will soon move to a new house and we will miss them. I know they will miss life on Margaret; it's the way a neighborhood should be. We're kind of lost in the 40's or 50's. That time when people actually took time to get to know one another and nurture friendships. The ones you rely on when you need a friend, an egg or a cup of sugar. The ones you stop the day for to have a cup of tea.

This is Sissy cuddled up to Blue. He loves all small animals.....
Sissy is 9 weeks old. No, I'm not enjoying training her but Randy and the boys like her.

I found this old book as I dug through some boxes when we cleaned out our storage. Charles had a beautiful handwriting back in the day. I am sorry that we don't work as hard on our penmanship. It's another one of those things that make you pause and appreciate that someone worked so hard on something that today no one sees the value in. Back then, it would have been disgraceful to exhibit poor handwriting.

My flowers bloomed this year. I thought for sure they were dead from the harsh temps. last summer. What a surprise!

I miss my chickens terribly but my friend who now has them shares with me. I am ever so thankful for fresh eggs and marvel at the different colors.

Randy finished the flooring in the den. It's nice to have something that is similar to the original hardwoods instead of the 50's tiling. We painted over the robin-egg blue with a latte color and now we have the walls to decorate. I need to dig through my boxes and see what I have.

Wed. morning I woke to a tremendous storm. As I lay there I thought..."So this is what the tornado in the middle of the night sounds like..." The winds were ferocious and nearly sounded like a train. As the power went off and I lit candles, I peeked outside to find this in my front yard. As we live in an old neighborhood and all the homes are well over 100 years old, so are the trees quite old. This is just 1/4 of a tree. It missed all our houses and cars.

It became comical as we had 8 trucks out front and ten guys deciding how best to take care of the situation. They had their cell phones out taking pictures of the lines holding the branch. It was cable not electrical. PTL
Another spring event in Northeast Texas...Storms.
It just goes with the territory.