Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Other Jerusalem

Our first day in Israel we drove over to Jerusalem. We went from the seaside city of Tel Aviv to the ever-uphill Old City.  The scenery changed drastically as we left our home away from home. The landscape turned green with  many varieites of evergreen and at the same time the ground was covered in rock. It's like pines growing in the rocky desert. Here are a few photos you won't find on a tour to Jerusalem. It's the working side, the everyday side and notice how the roads all point up.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Shuk

Shuk Shopping

Most of the shopping is done at the shuk in Tel Aviv;
you walk everywhere and just pull your cart.
You can find almost anything.
The chickens come with their feet but most of their feathers are gone.
We are on our way to buy supplies for Thursday's meal.
We bought & peeled a lot of potatoes and carrots for the soup kitchen and Shabbat.
We didn't buy the meat below but I couldn't resist posting the picture.
No one seems to get sick from these open air markets...so different than our sterile, antibacterial world.

Debbi and I loved looking at all the spices. We weren't sure what they were
These are just beautiful.
The smell of spices can overwhelm you as can the thoughts of how we could experiment with these unknowns.

The Kitchen

The soup kitchen and Shabbat lunches all start here. The kitchen is small in comparison to what it produces. Organization is key. 

This is the store room for the church. It houses all the items needed for the ministries that go on all week. The totes hold the clothing that is distributed on Tuesdays. The clothing is put out so that it ressembles a store to help restore a little dignity to those who have nothing. Plastic bags are a hot item as the homeless keep their possessions in the bag and carry it until it falls apart or is taken.  Everything is re-organized when the clothing distribution is over. I was amazed at how quickly the boxes emptied and you were left wondering and praying how you would help sipply those needs next Tues.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Home Again

I thought I could post while in Israel....I was so wrong! We've been home two days from our two week stay. I'm trying to adjust to the time change but this morning I awoke at 2:30 a.m. Not very successful am I?
I can't find my usb cord so lots of pics are locked up in my camera. I did manage to take over 500 on Randy's camera and load them. Some of them are on facebook. The stories may take time to come out...there's a lot to process. I wish I had taken a bizillion more pictures like the time I melted down at Sambooki's in Jerusalem. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We've been in Israel since Sunday. Great flights but we were worn out from flying and all our lay-0vers...no sleep time.We hit the pavement hard on Monday by going to Jerusalem. We entered the Old City through the Jaffa Gate. Our first glimpse of the Western Wall and the Mount of Olives was breathtaking...It's really like the pictures. We were able to go up on the Temple Mount. It was everyone's first time...even those who live here that went with us. We also visited the Garden Tomb but there were so many people it didn't seem right. Not the feeling I thought I would have had. We walked on top of the wall around the city, sat and watched as twilight fell on the city and saw an orthodox rabbi relieve himself on the outside of the old city walls. Isn't there something wrong with that picture? But there also aren't public restrooms to be found.
Tues. found us working the clothing distribution. We sorted clothes and helped those in need. One man was down to his last t-shirt so the size small things we brought we a God send. He was so blessed by the clothes we brought from Texas. This was followed by a ladies Bible study in the afternoon. It's interesting being in a study group with interpreters....it takes a while.
Wed. we shopped in the shuk for the Thurs. soup kitchen. I must retire...we have along day of peeling vegetables, cooking and waiting tables tomorrow. We pray  we don't get lice or scabies as we serve and show the love of Jesus and hopefully they won't kiss us on the mouth!
I'll pst pictures as soon as I have time to sit for a few minutes. My camera is full of amazing pictures and I forgot the cord to download them...love you all