Thursday, November 29, 2012

{{ God, You and Luke 2 }}

In no way can I take credit for this idea for Advent. I wish I could.
My friend of 20 years posted the idea on her blog and it struck a chord with me. I knew I was in!

When Christmas time draws near do you find yourself longing for something more? I do. Every year my soul longs for peace and with all that goes on around us, our busy schedules, obligations to do this or that, I seem to have less peace each year. I look at pictures of old fashioned Christmases and I crave simplicity. You know those the ones with the poor children gazing though snow laden windows dreaming of beautiful toys. Simple toys. These were days when you were lucky to get a sugar stick or piece of fruit. You were deeply thankful for any gift. I think "Thankful" is a key word here.
 My very favorite pictures are of the hills of Bethlehem at night, a star shining down, shepherds on the hillside, wise men traveling. It draws me in and I want to slow everything down, stop time and just "Be". We miss real worship with all the busyness and this is the time of year we celebrate why we worship. Jesus.

This year in preparation for Christmas, let's take some time to get to the real story. I'm challenging you, inviting you, imploring you to join me in reading Luke 2 each day. I want you to think about the people of the story...the real people. This is their story, and it's our story, it's HIStory. Come with me and see what the Creator of the Universe will speak to you each day, the Babe born to common folk, the Healer of all that ails us body and soul. If you know me at all you know I say, "He's always speaking...question is...are you listening?" "If you're listening, what are you doing with it?"
We can chat here or by email and Facebook. If you have thoughts please share them. Invite another friend and discuss it with them. Pass the idea along, join any time...but please join.
We'll start Dec. 1 and finish the 24th. I can't wait! {{ God, You and Luke 2 }}

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

87 Acres

Recently we took a drive to the country and went to the family property.
We lovingly call this the "87 Acres". When I was little I would go with my Daddy to move his herd of cows from this property to the "Homeplace". I loved this land as a child and I love it now. Even though no one in our family line ever lived here, my children are deeply rooted to this land as well.
This was what I saw early November and through a lens it is nearly as beautiful as in real life.