Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I haven't updated in ever so long....
February brought the long awaited trip to Ca. to see Candace, Andrew and Madison. I'll post those pics later.
March brought new challenges and a time to re-group. Mom, Dad, Leslie and Austin came for their Spring Break. It was wonderful having them in town again even if it was short lived. Our 22nd anniversary was celebrated quietly. My birthday followed just days later. Randy was at a men's retreat so I painted my kitchen and had pizza with my boys. It was a great day. Had a surprise visit from Becky and Teddy.
As time flew by, we found Easter upon us. It was my great pleasure to sing with the worship team on Palm Sunday. And the next couple of days I began to reflect on the week and try to take in what would have happened as Jesus completed his last week on this earth. I retraced some of the places via the internet and searched for pictures I have not found yet. I love looking up photos of Israel and new finding websites to tell of The Land.
Tues. found me at the Bible Bus and while I went to attend only, I found myself laying down the emotional junk I have carried around. I left it at the feet of Jesus hoping I leave it there and not pick it back up. "..Cast all your cares on him for He cares for you..." He lightens the burdens we for some reason insist on carrying.
I almost feel like an alcoholic walking away from the bottle...I have gone 7 full days without retrieving my "junk". That makes me feel pretty good!
Easter was celebrated at PHS this year. I estimate near 1,000 in attendance. Our worship was wonderful and next followed a sermon by Pastor who was wound up and on a roll. Several came forward for salvation and the day ended too quickly. For the first time in my life, no Easter bunny found our home. It was kind of sad.