Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gifts & Glue

Yesterday I was asked to provide a brief bio of myself and to tell absolutely how wonderful and over-achieved I am. Now that will humble you in a heartbeat.  LOL
I understand how important it is to be honest about your gifts. They come from the Father. He carefully chose which ones would go to me and which ones you would have that I do not. It comes together to make things work.
I think of the areas my husband is gifted in...and I am not. My daughter has gifts that I see and wonder how I missed those....I love being hospitable but don't do a wonderful array of foods. I merely open my home and provide a comfortable cozy atmosphere. Many times I wish I had the talents my friend D. does with pulling together parties in an instant with "to die for" food. Gifts and callings are so different.
This week end I'll host my family for a quick get together since we won't be together for the holidays.
My sister says, "You are the glue. You hold things together. Whatever needs gluing you are the one for the job; you do it so well."
I guess thinking about it...being flexible and pulling things together isn't bad. Question is...can you say that on your bio?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cold Calls

Weeks ago I was blog hopping...yes, it's a favorite sport of mine...and I happened up something called Bead Soup. I must admit I had to look at over half the participants' creations. I liked the idea. A kit arrives in the mail from a "new friend" you don't know you have yet...and you create a new piece of jewelry from the goods received.
So I fell upon  and read of Ingrid. By chance she answered an email to let me contact her. I would be more hesitant but she was fine with her info and today I finally called her. I wanted to give hope and let her know about Reliv and how it's helping others with needs like theirs. It was a long conversation of talking about everything from kids & marriage to overseas travel and beads. We talked about God and how wonderful it is to hear His it makes a mark on you and you remember that humans let us we need to stay close to the Father when other's fall away. It was a time of sharpening and Scripture flowing from the heart of memory across miles to reach the East Coast.
God is good to let us share the Hope that is within even when we are within our own walls.
I Peter 3:15 "...always be ready..."

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is a post I wrote before my trip...Just thoughts....
Eventually, my goal was to go empty, be flexible and delightful.
I just knew I was supposed to go.

I'm not usually a control freak. Things don't ALWAYS have to be my way.
I'm thinking of all the things I want to experience in Israel. 
Oh, how I want to see the people of Tel Aviv. My heart will always partly be there.
There is no re-creating of a moment and memory but I do want to walk along the shores
of the Mediterranean Sea and keep my feet in her waters. I love the view from Tel Aviv to ancient Jaffa
(the oldest port in the world)
and from the heights of Jaffa back to the modern city of Tel Aviv. 
I want to shop for spices in the shuk, go to the warehouse section in Jaffa.

I'm already trying to lay down my expectations and be flexible of heart. I've had a few friends say
this isn't just a chance to go back and help one more time but they think it's the beginning of a new.
My hope is that I wouldn't be anxious for what doesn't happen and grateful for the time I have to serve in 
the land with God's chosen people.


It's official I leave out in three weeks to attend the Israel Goodwill Ambassador Academy. I spent an encouraging two hours on the phone with the founders. We all agree, things are changing the Middle East and the approach that was used years ago doesn't get you in now. I have to share a few things the Lord has told me along the way.

The day I heard about the academy my heart nearly leapt out. I thought...could it be another opportunity? It's someone I trust though have never met. I fit the qualifications. In my Bible reading that day I read, (and this is paraphrased because I'm not looking at it but going from heart memory)
"From the house of Judah God saw fit to chose my family and from my family he chose my Father's house and from my Father's house HE saw fit to CHOSE go and do all the Lord commands you to do...Be strong and do it."
As time days past I began to hear other words from the when I felt I should be going but couldn't begin to touch the price of the tickets. "This battle is not yours to fight but the Lords...Take your position, stand firm, go out tomorrow and see all that the Lord will do for you....Do not be discouraged, do not fear. This battle is not yours but the Lord will fight it for you." 
And another day, My gifts and callings are irrevocable..."   "God uses the foolish to confound the wise"
Now I wonder what He has in store. Some of the names of others attending nearly shock me. They are name I've heard all my home schooling years. People I would have wanted to meet but the opportunities never presented themselves. People who were my mentors, whose works encouraged me through tough times. How is it that now I will be "hanging out" with them in a small group for two weeks?

We have seen God work among His people to get a select group to come assist with the initial academy.
He is truly calling only those  that He wants there. It's humbling to know that since day one, my name is on that list.