Thursday, December 4, 2008

Headed South

On our day off from ministry at the church, we headed south for the Dead Sea. We drove at least an hour before we found this "one" little convenience store in the desert. It sells fresh falafel, humus, pita and has public restrooms at no charge. Everywhere we went Randy bought pita and humus. He could live off of it I think.  

Our first view of the Dead Sea was so exciting. At first it was a silver wavy line on the horizon but as we neared it took on the most beautiful colors. I will be posting more on the sea. Here, we pulled over on an area that we knew we wouldn't get run over when we took pictures.

We passed the caves of Kumron where the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden for centuries.
We didn't pay to go up to the cave because we were in a hurry to reach Massada and the Dead Sea. You can see there are caves everywhere! This is just one tiny spot but these mountains went on all the way to En Gedi which went on to Massada.

Massada will get its own post. But this is a glimpse of us floating. It is a most amazing place.

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