Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas in the Camp

Tonight I went to Christmas in the Camp for the first time. My neighbor and her little girls and I went and the husbands stayed home...inside...where it's warm! It was in the low 20's as we loaded up into the wagon to take the tour through the woods.
As we drove along the trail we listened to "Mary Did You Know" as an introduction to the first scene. Cowboys follow behind the wagon on horseback. Besides the clomping of the horses silence fills the air. You hear the occassional coyote and other wildlife as you quietly come upon each scene and its campfire. It is the Christmas story told by cowboys. Never mind the low twenties and the breeze that blows. The night sky is filled with countless stars, you get an idea of what the shepherds saw as their eyes turned upward many years ago. When we reached the scene where the shepherds bow to their knees at the sight of the heavenly host, we were amazed that the live goats used in this scene also seemed to bow their heads and remain in that position until our wagon passed by.
The little girls feel fast asleep on the way home so my friend and I headed to Tigertown where I attempted to photgraph a little church that was down the road from my old house.

 For ten years I drove by this country church at Christmas with its wreaths on the doors. They never remained after Christmas day so I never found the time to snap the pictures. Tonight I realize that no pictures will do justice to the peacefulness and beauty this tiny church offers. It holds ten years of memories of me driving past; a place that never ceases to bring a calm to my spirit and a smile to my face. It just makes you want to be there...or maybe it's the thought of a simpler life... a slower life one filled with peace.

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Amy said...

I miss going this year! We took a group the last 2 years they have done it. My kids LOVE the wagons and horses. Beautiful church! Miss you!