Friday, December 12, 2008

Mount of Beautitudes

After leaving the retreat center in Zafat we headed on down the road for a glimpse of 
The Mount of Beautitudes. We drove in and parked only to hear it was closed. After seeing our
diappointment the guard let us in for 15 minutes and that was an amazing thing! 
I don't know if this was the same view Jesus had or not but when you are on top of the Mount of Beautitudes and looking down on the Sea of Galilee, it's not hard to imagine. In the distance you will see the Jesus boats touring around. We didn't get to do that for lack of time but it makes for pretty scenery.

We found a quiet spot to read the Scriptures.

The mount is run by nuns that we heard are not friendly.
We didn't see any but these are a few shots of the grounds and how
pretty they keep it.

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