Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forever Mercy

After Shabbat we loaded up the rental and drove to Zafat. It's in the northern section of Israel; the Galilee area. It is one of the coolest areas because of its altitude. They even get snow.
By the time we reached our destination it was dark. Merlon kept saying to look for the radio towers and turn at the green garbage can. It was God who took us there because we were in an area where there were towers everywhere and every driveway had a green garbage can. This road has no name, you can barely find it and that's the whole reason it is perfect for 
Forever Mercy. We (the Texas group) call it the retreat center.
Twenty years ago the owner began building and adding on. This is a home with three levels, 3 homes in one. Each section has its own entrance and private patio. In this culture the father builds a house and his son gets the next level and the next son the next level and they just keep on adding. As the sons grew older they moved away and this house was put on the market as a rental. We understand the design and preparation of this house long before this day of need. And to think...the owner just thought he was building a house. There are 17 rooms, many bedrooms have several twin sized beds already. It was no problem for 19 of us to sleep there. you can read more about this ministry at
It is a house hidden on a hill, beautifully fashioned, prepared flower beds and fruit trees. A wonderful envioronment for women rescued from the strongholds of prostitution to heal and be taught of a loving Father; to find salvation.

The morning we left I thought I would take a stroll down the hill. I made it walking along the road as far as this picture shows on the left, then I turned around. I thought I was gonna die going back uphill...and then there were the steps up to the house!

Beautiful plants everywhere and winding pathways

While we were at the retreat center the S.E.N.D. ministry team cooked dinner for us. We dined on orange chicken and rice. Oh! We had Coke.... the coke in Israel is really really good and I was missing carbonated beverages. We got to know the team and during our stay in Israel we worked alongside these great young people several times.

As we leave our wonderful hosts and the lovely house we are blessed with breakfast on the main patio and cool weather to make any Texan envious.

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