Thursday, December 4, 2008


Dining in Tiberius. We were served several types of humus, tahina, fresh pita, cabbage salad, hot pickles and finished with Turkish coffee. Oh yeah, we also had schnitzzle and fries.

Our dessert in the Jewish community of Efrata. We were treated wonderfully during our stay.
This chocolate crusted fluff had the consistency of coolwhip or a light mousse but David brought to our attention that we had been served meat for dinner and this was a non dairy delight. It is made from egg whites. Nothing is really very rich but is lightly sweetened.

Apple pie drizzled with caramel sauce in Efrata

I think we all understand Scripture a little better when Jesus talks about "breaking bread" and "sopping". This is what you do every meal. To share a table, a meal with someone is very personal. You better like the person you sop with.

When we traveled to California I had to take pictures of us in front of every state line sign.
This trip I decided to do food. It became a fun little game. 
After a long day of walking all over Jerusalem we stopped at Carol's fav. coffee/book shop.
This is Randy's salad. It was enormous! This meal we shared and split and taste-tested nearly every plate. I had my first "chai latte" and ate sweet potato soup with a loaf of bread and four types of dip.

In Zafat we stayed at the Forever Mercy House. We call it the retreat center because it has so much potential as such with 17 rooms. It will be the home for recovering prostitutes; here they will learn about Jesus. The S.E.N.D. Ministry team was already here and prepared dinner for all of us. This night the menu was orange chicken and rice and Coke! This is part of our group., meats, cheeses, rice pudding with cranberries. This started our day of touring the area where Jesus had most of his ministry. You get the picture of what the land looked like.

On the beach in Tel Aviv...this is one block away from our apt. Little lights dot the sand and create a wonderful atmosphere if you can handle the November breeze. We had enormous burgers here. Everything is served in proportions that allow two adults to share but we were hungry enough to try it alone.

Domino's!  after landing in Tel Aviv we ate pizza. It's across from our apt. My favorite salad spot, this is also where I broke my tooth.

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