Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Forgotten Ones...

On Wednesdays the church takes lunch to a high school for alternative students.
Two years ago when Randy first visited Israel, God opened up doors for the 
church to begin ministering in a new way. The principal had heard how the
poor and homeless were being fed in the soup kitchen and asked if they
would be willing to bring lunch to the high school. It is against the law to
talk to minors about Jesus while they're in school so we take lunch
and set up in the break yard. As soon as the kids come out they are smoking.
They are dressed fashionably, smoking and starving. Most are too poor
to bring lunch...I know...lay off the cigarettes!  The girls were embarrassed to
go get a sandwich so Dawn loaded up a paper towel and took them around.
The kids want to know which movie stars you know, who you live close to, 
if we listen to the same kind of music. No...we don't listen to this music personally,
no, we don't know the movie stars, yes, we do have grass. There's not much grass in Israel.
While the S.E.N.D. ministry was in Israel they helped out and made
some great contacts with the kids. Randy helped start the ministry
so the students remember the guy from Texas with the big mustache. 
They ask about him every week. 

We load the basket with our goods and set up a table for lunch.
The kids LOVE  Coca Cola. It is our goal some day to bring lunch more
than just on Wednesdays. It costs about $30.00 to prepare.
Wouldn't it be great to do it a couple more times a week?
You have to build relationships first and ministering to the
needs of the poor and being consistant is showing love to them. The Israelis 
know that evangelical christians love them.

This is Jorge...we took lots of pics with him because we were
so shocked to find him with the SEND team and in Israel. Candace and Randy
met him in Costa Rica two years ago. It was fun to see a friendly
acquaitance from CA. all the way around the world.
Another reason we love Calvary Chapel! We can always find someone we know.
I know I said it already...the Coke in Israel is great and I
am a Dr. Pepper only kind of girl. Maybe I was desperate.

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