Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 17. {{ God, You & Luke 2 }}

When I was pregnant and attending my first Lamaze classes the instructor was very intent on us finding a focal point. A pretty place to go to in our minds when the pain of labor became unbearable. Personally, I thought this was kind of dumb.

When the time came to find that happy place it wasn't sandy beaches that crossed my mind and transported me to another world. I saw a lowly stable area...A young girl without her mother...a man, not the father, yet the only one to assist in delivery in times when men didn't do that job. You know the fear was very real for both of them. Mary had no doctor to assist in a clean sterile environment. Could any place be more unsanitary than a stable/cave? No meds to ease the pain of childbirth... LOL this was my "go to" place for my own births. I thought, if Mary, the chosen mother of Jesus could bring her child into the world unmediated, I could too. I think it was a vision from The Lord because I truly love sandy beaches and would not have gone here on purpose!
so with each of my three births I was transported to a different aspect of Mary and her birth...

Yesterday, Christmas came early. It came, again, by way of a baby boy...he's 6'1" but he's my baby boy. His arrival changed everything inside me...again.
For weeks I have heard how he wasn't spending $800 to fly home for four days. He's been in NY for 3 months but I last saw his face in Aug. and only for a couple of hours. At home I hung three stockings for those of us that would be here. I was so saddened that I didn't put up a tree because this missing child was the one who always helped me. I decided to skip church yesterday and work on mailing his box. I slept late and after my Bible reading went to shower. When I came out I noticed closed doors and was told someone stopped by to see me. Shock! Who?? I had no make up on and hair wasn't fixed...oh man! I was told it would be okay, just come on.

You know those Christmas coffee commercials that make you cry... The house is decorated, the parents wish their son was coming home but he's not there... And suddenly they smell the coffee and go done stairs and he's sneaked in and they are altogether again...they are heartwarming.
Yesterday, i walked into my "Christmas coffee commercial" moment. There in my kitchen was my son. He looks so different I could hardly wrap my brain around the fact that he was standing here. He hasn't lived at home since May. I burst into wracking sobs and stood there in his arms for the longest time. I won't forget the first moment I laid eyes on him and I won't forget when Christmas came early for me, in my baby boy.
...and Mary pondered all these things in her heart....

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