Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gifts & Glue

Yesterday I was asked to provide a brief bio of myself and to tell absolutely how wonderful and over-achieved I am. Now that will humble you in a heartbeat.  LOL
I understand how important it is to be honest about your gifts. They come from the Father. He carefully chose which ones would go to me and which ones you would have that I do not. It comes together to make things work.
I think of the areas my husband is gifted in...and I am not. My daughter has gifts that I see and wonder how I missed those....I love being hospitable but don't do a wonderful array of foods. I merely open my home and provide a comfortable cozy atmosphere. Many times I wish I had the talents my friend D. does with pulling together parties in an instant with "to die for" food. Gifts and callings are so different.
This week end I'll host my family for a quick get together since we won't be together for the holidays.
My sister says, "You are the glue. You hold things together. Whatever needs gluing you are the one for the job; you do it so well."
I guess thinking about it...being flexible and pulling things together isn't bad. Question is...can you say that on your bio?


Deeapaulitan said...

I miss you so. Its so hard only getting to pray about all this stuff and not getting to be there to squeeze you and be excited with you, and pray with you holding your hands... Know I love you. Always will.

zanetta said...

Deea, two hearts were knit together many many years ago. We have walked some tough roads together and many a joyful path. I thank God for our friendship.