Thursday, December 1, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

I went to bed at 2:30 am and rested until 4:45 when my alarm startled me into movement. We got on the road as quickly as we could and off we went to DFW. I ended up driving most of the way. For some reason I had no tears of separation as I said my good-byes. I was off to do what God told me and it brought no sadness.

All was well from DFW to NYC. Now, that's a place I've never cared to visit but I wouldn't have minded seeing the Statue of Liberty. The photo is of my great, enormous, huge airplane that I would board. Really, how does that get off the ground?

I met Maureen and Cheryl and we flew over together. I did not know these ladies but was glad for company.

By the time we got in the air it was around 12:30 am when we got our dinner. They served this lovely meal with a plastic glass of wine. Didn't care for it much but it helped me sleep.

The cabin was huge. There were others like this before us and behind...and upstairs too. Mr. R. insured me it would be the smoothest ride of my life. Really?? That's not what I was thinking when we hit turbulence and nearly went down. My tummy hit the ceiling as we lost alititude and suddenly dropped. Thankfully no food was on my tray. I sat next to James, who I was a physicist (scientist). I would later visit his place of employment on our tour, unbeknownst to me.

Everyone breaks out cameras as we make our first pass over the shores of the Mediterranean and Tel Aviv. I can't believe I am here.

In moments the landscape changes and we are over the desert. It is stunningly beautiful and a dramatic change from the city we just flew over.

Coming off the plane and down the ramp we are greated by this sign. We laugh. I remember this little face. Now...if only I could remember what it says!  LOL

Inside David Ben Gurion Int'l Airport.
That's a fountain in the middle, the water falls from the ceiling.

Ahh, the line. We wait in our line for non-Israelis. We commented on how orderly it was although there are no lines.
It is a mass of languages that we hear.

Cheryl kindly begins the job of photographer for Maureen and I. This is just some of our luggage. Joel and Chris flew in hours ahead. This is our first meeting.

As we drove to Jerusalem along the route familiar to me I was stunned with this sunset.

My first night back here! My first sunset! 
Thank you God for its beauty.

Our first dinner together was typical Israeli. Lots of little dishes full of salads, hummus, pita and kbobs.
I met Joel, Pamela,David,Chris and my traveling companions.
It's the beginning of my time with this group.

After dinner we walked down Ben Yehuda Street. It's teeming with life and atmosphere. Music surrounds you. And there's a chill in the air.

This harpist had a lovely voice and had time permitted I would have loved sitting and listening. She sang songs from the 70's.

And there's Max Brenner. Mr. R. is missing so it had a melancholy feel to see places I had known with my friends. Aroma, Sambooki's, and the college, lots of memories.

On the way back to our tiny hostel we heard a story of Cheryl walking through this Arab cemetary by herself one night.
We had to do it. Once again...we hurried instead of strolling.

I wonder why I have no picture of our tiny room and then I realize it's because, when this view of the Old City is out your window it doesn't matter where you are. Who can sleep with a view like this? And as tired as we were from flying a closet would have been fine. 
Because, We're In Jerusalem!!!!!

Behold, He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. 

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