Friday, December 9, 2011

The Colors of the Old City

Welcome to Jaffa Gate. My favorite gate going into the Old City of Jerusalem. We came a day early to do some shopping, rest up and be ready for the academy tonight.

When you enter the Old City you are bombarded
by color. I love the colors of Jerusalem. Scarves and skirts hang from nearly every shop.

I shopped here 3 years ago and went back for their bargains. I think I went 3 times. Oh yes, they want my American dollars.

No, I didn't get one. I didn't even ask prices.
We got highjacked before we even got into the Old City so I learned my lesson:
Don't look interested; be nearly rude and "Just Say NO". There, that does it....but I really was interested and wanted to know how much.

Most spices are in feed sacks but these are chunks of incense. You will see Myrrha, Rose, Musk Amber and Jerusalem Insense. Is there nothing I don't want to take home?

 This is in the Arab Quarter. The look changes a bit from quarter to quarter. And the dress of the people is noticeably different.

Mosaics are part of the history of this land. I captivated by the colors and scenes dipicted. Look closely at the stories they tell.

We stopped by Cardo Charm. Galit's dad custom made our wedding rings. Randy chose the design and stones and surprised me for our 20th anniversary. Here, I model the $300 pomegrante earrings. No, I didn't get them. LOL

Randy took a photo of her dad working on a custom order. We blew it up and when I told her about it she asked me to send it. I was thinking maybe it was better to bring it in person. I surprised her.

On With The Tour....

Maureen and Cheryl got hungry and wanted falafels. I wasn't ready for lunch so I snapped this photo of Maureen's first ordering experience. The red head lady sat behind me a couple of rows on the flight over. How funny to find her in Jerusalem too.

The children walk unattended. They are safe. They know the path to go and so far I haven't seen them deviate from their routes. I love that they do not seem fearful, no one bothers them, who would want to hurt a child?

More beautiful color. I love this place. Looking between the bushes you would see the Mount of Olives. It's so bright with the sun shining on the tombs that it doesn't show up. We walked down into the courtyard and looked around. That was new for me. Maureen had seen a funny video taped down here with jewish guys break dancing.
And here she was....

Dome of the Rock sits above the Wailing Wall. We aren't allowed on the Temple Mount this trip as it is closed for three days.

 At the Wailing Wall prayers are written on any scrap of paper that can be found and stuffed into the crevices of the stones. At some point they begin to fall. Although blurry, this shot catches my attention. Thank you Lord that we can just talk straight to you.

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Amy said...

I love the pictures. You are so blessed. I want to go so badly.