Saturday, December 10, 2011

Biblical Foundation

Oh, the crash course in Hebrew! Our teacher only spoke Hebrew and nothing else. You had to "get it" or not "get it".  As time went on I began to remember a few words that we learned when Pastor A. taught a week long course for people who wanted to serve in Israel.  We were awarded some cool t-shirts for our efforts. Courses are available here: eteacher , it's pricey but I don't think you'll be sorry and for homeschoolers it does provide a foreign language. You WILL speak fluently. And how cool would it be to say you speak Hebrew???  This course is used by the gov't to teach the children of ambassadors.

Dr. Shimon Yazersky is a dentist by trade and has a passion for teaching the Biblical Foundations of Judaism.  Although I felt I was trying to be swayed towards his religion I listened and learned. Thank goodness Jesus set us free from the law. I have an appreciation for some of the recorded laws but Thank You Jesus.

On the bus to the Biblical City of David.
Can you even imagine? On the way we were asked to share a little about who we are and what we do.
I found myself saying, "I'm the homeschool mother of three, a pastors wife, business owner and called to serve Israel".  Here, Brick shares a little about himself. He's from Texas too!

We arrive near the Old City and stop for an early lunch. We are in the Mamilla shopping area. Here the stores are all modern as are the fashions. It's laid out nicely and this is where we were hi-jacked by a kind old gentleman who took us to his store. There, I was promised 40% off my purchases...but not really. I had to take my things back after academy because if you say 40% it better happen.
 Honesty goes a long way with me.
Aroma is the best place for coffee and I had iced coffee and salad. Rhea joins me for a moment.

Entrance to the City of David. 
When I was little I remember a song, "Little David, play on your harp Hallelu Hallelu....."
This harp at the entrance is beautiful and the gauze fabric behind it creates the 
illusion of a painting. I'll be using it as inspiration with my painting. Can't wait!

We descend into the water tunnels of old, Gihon Springs. These Cannanite tunnels are older than Hezekiah's Tunnel which is deeper and probably most well known.

It's been here for centries.

Maureen and I pose again...can somebody pinch us? We have continually felt
honored to be a part of this event and we'd just have fun in a mud hole by ourselves if we had to...
or fun in the water tunnels. Thank you Jesus for an adventurous friend.

There are places where the path narrows drastically. 
Remain calm.... Fresh air is coming. 

Outside we see these olive trees. They are about 1,000 years old.

They are twisted and knotted and produce fruit.
Are we not like that? Our lives are twisted and knotted and God choses us.

A quick break to talk about where we are what we've seen.

Directly across is an Arab neighborhood. You will see later on how they live. I always photograph this neighborhood as it is seen from the City walls and my eyes are always drawn to it.

Incredible! These are the original walls that surrounded David's kingdom. Later his son Solomon would build his kingdom across the Kidron where Mt. Moriah was purchased for 600 shekels of gold.

The olive tree in relation to its surroundings. You will notice it isn't very tall.

Looking across the remains of the walls, the Kidron and to the hills.

Pool of Siloam
... Go, wash in the pool of Siloam, (which is by interpretation, Sent.) He went his way therefore, and washed, and came seeing. John 9:7

Join me in the next post which will take us to the Garden Tomb and end with
 sunset over the Old City.

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