Friday, October 21, 2011

Cold Calls

Weeks ago I was blog hopping...yes, it's a favorite sport of mine...and I happened up something called Bead Soup. I must admit I had to look at over half the participants' creations. I liked the idea. A kit arrives in the mail from a "new friend" you don't know you have yet...and you create a new piece of jewelry from the goods received.
So I fell upon  and read of Ingrid. By chance she answered an email to let me contact her. I would be more hesitant but she was fine with her info and today I finally called her. I wanted to give hope and let her know about Reliv and how it's helping others with needs like theirs. It was a long conversation of talking about everything from kids & marriage to overseas travel and beads. We talked about God and how wonderful it is to hear His it makes a mark on you and you remember that humans let us we need to stay close to the Father when other's fall away. It was a time of sharpening and Scripture flowing from the heart of memory across miles to reach the East Coast.
God is good to let us share the Hope that is within even when we are within our own walls.
I Peter 3:15 "...always be ready..."

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Tim and Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings as you head off and follow God's leading. Thanks for your love and encouragement.