Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is a post I wrote before my trip...Just thoughts....
Eventually, my goal was to go empty, be flexible and delightful.
I just knew I was supposed to go.

I'm not usually a control freak. Things don't ALWAYS have to be my way.
I'm thinking of all the things I want to experience in Israel. 
Oh, how I want to see the people of Tel Aviv. My heart will always partly be there.
There is no re-creating of a moment and memory but I do want to walk along the shores
of the Mediterranean Sea and keep my feet in her waters. I love the view from Tel Aviv to ancient Jaffa
(the oldest port in the world)
and from the heights of Jaffa back to the modern city of Tel Aviv. 
I want to shop for spices in the shuk, go to the warehouse section in Jaffa.

I'm already trying to lay down my expectations and be flexible of heart. I've had a few friends say
this isn't just a chance to go back and help one more time but they think it's the beginning of a new.
My hope is that I wouldn't be anxious for what doesn't happen and grateful for the time I have to serve in 
the land with God's chosen people.

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