Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Raised In Love

This night we celebrate the baby of the family. LOL He towers over us all.
Missing our sweet daughter and he family.

S. clearly got his height from MeMaw's side of the family.

PePaw made the long trip with MeMaw, Aunt Leslie and Austin.
We are so thankful to have had part of our family make the effort to drive in.

Our amazing boys!

Saturday Celebration
Saturday found us with friends who've had great roles in this young man's life.
His pediatrician who has known him from day 1. 
We are blessed to have a life-time friendship with this couple. 

PePaw's twin, his wife and cousin Gary

Carol, baker of our brownies, our friend of 20 yrs.

Mr. Neal.
He continues to be young Stefan's friend and he goes to their house for lunch
since he works near them. So glad my kids appreciate an older generation and 
all that can be learned. Mr. Neal always opened his shop and loaned his tools to our boys.
They had a great experience homeschooling with the country folk.

Three generations. Mom, Dad, Me & S.  Love that my kids
could walk down the path to MeMaw & PePaw's house.

A glimpse of Mrs. Neal whose real name is Jimmie but as a little boys S. learned to call everyone
by a proper title, Mr or Mrs. and by rights, her title became Mrs. Neal....its tickles her pink.

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