Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Treats

Pinterest was a life saver this week.
My little garden exploded with tomatoes and i knew i'd better
be ready with a plan. I can pop cherry tomatoes like candy but from the size of the heavy stems, i didn't need that much candy.
Thankfully I found a picture that piqued my interest.
(hey, is that how they got the name? piqued interest?)
Make your own sun dried tomatoes? Never crossed my mind before but I'm so glad I did. I love doing it homemade, fresh not store bought. Whoo Hoo!!!
So here are the steps...

Start with cherry tomatoes or romas.
Wash and cut in half. I used some small regular tomatoes
as well so I cut them in quarters or eighths. They worked fine.

Loaded up each tray of the dehydrator and let them cook for
24-36 hours. I am always a little nervous about them being good and done so i might go longer than some people.

See how small they get?  LOL They were tiny but I'mso glad I did this. I'm working on my next batch right now. I'm storing them in a Ball jar. I want to try storing them in olive oil but I'm a little scared of that too.
Here's one recipe that I like to throw my sun dried tomatoes into.

Bowtie pasta
onion sliced
black olives feta cheese 
sun dried tomatoes

Cook one box of bowtie pasta, set aside.
Cook at least 8 slices of bacon. You can cut little strips crosswise or cook it on strips and crumble later...either way, cook your bacon. Reserve the grease and stir in your sliced onions. Cook them until nearly clear. Next pour the grease and onions over the bowtie pasta and toss well. Crumble bacon, sun dried tomatoes, black olives and feta cheese.
I wish I had a picture for you but my computer has crashed and taken everything with time.

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