Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sailing...Take me away.....

I had a thought a few weeks ago. I realized I had to miss a week of work during Spring adult kids would be out of college and high one was working a job they couldn't miss.
In ten years we have not had a vacation with our boys. That's too long.
Enter: Spring Break Carribean Cruise 2012 

We left at 3:00am to drive to New Orleans. Tops, we had 1.5 hours of sleep and took turns driving.The boys were excited to cruise and we quickly unloaded to jump aboard.

Walking across the gangway to board. We can't wait!

A look at the Voyager of the Seas, Royal Carribean's huge ship that R & I took
a few years ago. It was docked behind us and looked enormous. How quickly we forget.

We were starving and so happy to have pizza and fruit for snack.

Our first dinner the boys came and after seeing the menu opted out.
Dustin did try the smoked duck with Thai glass noodles.
It was wonderful.

Oh the beauty of passing another ship at night.

R & I enjoyed more pizza for late night snack on the back of the ship.
From here on we would only get glimpses of the
this one as they enjoy breakfast the day we docked in Progresso.

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