Monday, February 13, 2012

What's in a Name?

Hello! My Name Is Zanetta
and I am a: daughter of the Most High King

Do you love your name?
Do you even like it? Know the history behind it?
Was it family name or all your own, have special meaning 
or is it connected to a memory?

I am so happy with my name. You won't have heads turning
to see if someone is callin you from a crowd. It will be just one, me.
My mother found my name in a baby book in the 60's and after that it kind of disappeared from the scene. One lady in our town had the same name as me...One. In the 80's a friend told me it had a Hebrew origin. I thought for sure he'd made that up!
Later I learn Cassanova's mother and I share even the same spelling of our name.
Jews give a lot of thought to the meaning of names and quite often we see something of the owner's character duplicated in that meaning. Or maybe it's prophetic in a sense of that person's future.
Mine means "God is Gracious". It does have Hebrew roots, being a feminine version of John.
Who would have guessed that it would belong to a girl who would one day surrender her life for missions in Israel?

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