Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ancient Ports & Modern Cities

Just a quick post as I look through my photos.
From where I stand you will see Tel Aviv to the right; the second most populated city in Israel. 
It was formed in 1909 by the Jewish community of Jaffa. Soon it grew larger than Jaffa and the two were merged in 1950 after Israel's statehood.
It is incredibly modern yet still holds the old world charm in many neighborhoods along the beach line.

 Between both worlds you see real life. 
Fisherman can most usually be seen along the shore.

And the lady who feeds the cats of Israel. I've never seen so many cats as here.

To my left is the ancient port city of Jaffa. It is one of the oldest working ports in the world. You'll remember its Biblical affiliation with Jonah.
The home of Simon the Tanner is also located in Jaffa.

One of my favorite memories from Israel comes from the walk along the Mediterranean Sea. We accidentally made this trip one night after getting off our bus at the central bus station and I wanted to walk back to out apt. instead of taking a taxi. Whew! what a lesson.
My next time was a purposeful walk to Jaffa and back to Tel Aviv with my feet in the sand.
Oh, I could walk these shores often.

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