Monday, April 16, 2012

The Will of God?

I'm reading "The Forgotten God" by Francis Chan. It was a free download on Amazon (thank you) and I wondered what would grab my attention. Several things have but tonight I love what I've just read about "knowing God's will for your life". How many men or women in the Bible actually had the plan laid lout for them to see? When the disciples were called they were told, "Follow Me". How's that for a plan? 

Abraham, whose story God used for me, didn't have much of a plan either. How about, "Go to the city I will tell you"?  Yeah right. Or, "Go to the mountain I will show you" as he went to sacrifice his son Isaac. (Genesis 22) If I look at his life and trust me, I have looked intently many times and will continue doing so. What plan does Abraham have? A promise of good health? A nice place to live? A safe place? Is there a promise he won't be hungry? We know God promised to enlarge his family line with descendants beyond what could be counted so we know his life will be preserved but what will it be like?

 Really, that doesn't answer the questions most of us have on a daily basis.  These are some very real questions that came to my mind and heart when God had me surrender for Israel. I remember throwing a wild crying fit across my bed yelling I didnt' want to get nuked and go hungry. I would almost laugh now but I was being real and those were very real fears. When you're called away to a foreign land there are things you have to give up and know you will be okay. Would you really be okay if you didn't eat three meals a day? If war broke out and you couldn't leave would you be okay? Think of the people whose heart would be searching for Truth. Someone needs to tell them.

Looking at Abraham, God said to go and he did....That's what he knew. It's what he heard.
Can you hear Him? 
Maybe we need to forget about searching for God's will. He really wants your response to the Holy Spirit's leading day to day. Right now, today. It's easy to use the phrase "God's will for my life" as an excuse for you disobedience, your lack of action, lack of response. When you think about His will you usually think in future tense and want that plan all laid out for your approval or revision.
 What's He asking you to do now? Is it safer to commit to following Him someday or today? 
Will you know how to trust Him if you don't listen and act now?

Part of me longs to be gone to another land...
Right now God has me planted right here. I have to be obedient to what He shows me day to day and not just wait for the long range plan. Know His voice...Do what He says.

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