Sunday, April 15, 2012

In The Word

On my mornings off I like to have my cup of coffee and read my One Year Bible first thing.
I remember the days when I was so bleary-eyed from being a young mother that I
couldn't even see the pages. I couldn't focus my eyes much less my mind. I knew I was supposed to read and have my devotions but it was sooo hard.
These last years I am so enjoying my readings.

Last year for my birthday I won a giveaway from The Shabby Creek Cottage. It was a gift certificate to Dayspring gifts. I had had my eye on several things and the Mr. & Mrs mugs were one. 
It's my new favorite cup to "have and to hold".

This week we also thought we might be leaving our town for another. I had a few things that I knew would be missed. I usually open the window to hear the birds in the bushes and smell the fresh air. If it's chilly I grab a throwand curl up. The light dances across the pages of my Bible in patterns that resemble the lace curtains it peaks through. I like this spot. I would miss this corner.
...Ah, but now we aren't going anywhere, so no worries.

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