Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay...I'm a thief. I was looking at blogs and somehow found one and loved this picture!

Tonight I was wondering what expressions to order from Uppercase Living and I think this phrase was meant for me. I need reminders all over to keep my heart where it should be.
As the writer brought to the attention of the reader, the key word isn't "JOY"  the key word is 
"CHOOSE". Wow, that kicked me.
So what brings joy? Do you wait for it or decide to find it where you are?
When I lived in the country I found joy everywhere! I loved the ground cover that wouldn't allow grass to grow. I loved the open night sky, the howl of coyotes, the smell of hay or skunks or cow manure; it didn't matter, it was the country and I loved it!
Moving to town has been such a challenge even after a year and it has only been lately that God has said to me, 
"What gifts do you see here?"  Well, I can tell you I have to think a bit, it doesn't flow from me so liberally or easily... I figure it's because I'm not choosing.
When was the last time you slowed down enough to think what brings you joy?
And what does? I think a lot of your character is shown in what makes you laugh and it kind of makes sense to say it shows in what brings you joy....
1. The last few days birds have been chirping outside my dining room window.I especially missed my little Cardinal in I have a few. 
Thank you Lord for little bits of red.
2. I had a sick child at home today. I found joy in serving him and fixing his plate. he's so old he rarely needs me...but today, he did! 
Thank you Lord that my boys are still home.
3. I found joy when I walked from room to room and it was warm inside; freezing out. 
Thank you Lord that I am provided for.
4. Today I have only done 3 loads of laundry...
Thank you Lord that my family is near.
The list can go on...maybe it needs to.
if like me, you need to plaster it all over your house...on your mirror, in your kitchen, on your computer (cause I know you're there ; )
I'll set you up with some Uppercase Living expressions. We'll be inspired together!

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Dee Martin said...

Thank you Lord for letting me find this blog! What a lovely post.