Friday, January 9, 2009

Baptism in Capernaum

When we left the retreat center we travelled to the Mount of Beautitudes and then to Capernaum. It is a lovely place with the ruins of Peter's house and the synagogue that Jesus taught in. It overlooks the Sea of Galilee which was sparkling magnificently when we went to see the view. We were on a hill and there are large rocks going to the water's edge. I followed Randy around the corner and we all met for a few quiet moments to once again, contemplate where we actually were and discuss what must it have been like when Jesus walked these hills.

And this is where we were sitting when I knew I wanted to get baptized. No one was around, it was just our little group and I wanted Randy to baptize me in a place that was special to me and in the land he loves so much. My few witnesses are precious friends. So, I just got in the water hoping no one else would see me. The "no swimming" signs concerned me but Jeff just prayed the eyes of the guards would be blinded from the dripping wet woman and we walked right past them to an area I could access my luggage for a change.
 Thanks Carol who took several shots knowing how much I like pictures! 

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