Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reminisce With Me

This day, 2011. By faith I got on the largest airplane I have ever seen in my entire life. It was so big I saw it way before landing at JFK. I took  pictures of it...then I found out it was MY plane and panic struck. It seemed too large to get off the ground.
I traveled alone to NY, where I would meet 2 other women, unknown to me,
and together we'd make the flight across the vast ocean to the Holy Land, to Israel.

The flight was fairly uneventful except that part when I thought we were falling from the sky and fully expected the air masks to drop. We had terrible turbulence over the ocean. As we began breakfast
I observed the sleeping man next to me. He was a physicist from Rehovot. I would later visit
the community where he lives and works. Have I ever sat next to anyone so intelligent?  
The landscape changes quickly upon descent. The crowded beaches of Tel Aviv  give way to the beautiful
barren hills and quarries. We circle lower until we land then the plane erupts in applause. 
We have arrived in the Land.

Getting through customs is always long and then this little guy greets you. 
He is a welcomed sight and I remember this grin from my first trip.

Welcoming also are the beautiful mosaics that hang so high on the walls.

Loading our bags into the van, Maureen and I all of a sudden look fresher and not 
like we've been traveling more than a day.

The drive to Jerusalem graces us with our first sunset. I am in awe. There are no words.

We eat traditional Israeli fare with community bowls of hummus and other things I can't pronounce and pita.
 This is the day I meet my 
"Homeschool Hero", Chris. 
I have waited for this moment for years. And throughout my days with this group
I will not be disappointed in his character for a moment.

There's a chill in the air as we walk to our hostel. Cheryl leads the way as Maureen and I are like children
in a candy store. We stroll through Zion Square and then on through an old Arab graveyard. It was a little scary in the dark corners late at night.

Our hostel has a view of the Old City in the distance. Again...there are no words.
Who can sleep? We look at this beautiful sight until we fall from exhaustion. You never want to stop that one last look for with the morning sun, the wonder of your first night in Jerusalem passes.

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