Tuesday, January 1, 2013


January 1, 2013

My mother used to say, "What you do the first day of the year is what you'll do the whole year through." I didn't really want to hear that because I wanted to sleep late and relax...just not do much on New Year's Day.
It would find us cleaning something at some point in the day or organizing. Seems over the years I felt the need to stay busy or see accomplishments because, after all, it sets the pace for the whole year!
Today, as I organized the pantry, cooked black eyed peas and stayed busy most of the day. I am reminded that:
1. "Habits are hard to break" so have good ones.
2. "History repeats itself" so started motivated to accomplish.

I hope to watercolor more, build my business larger and see another year through in The One Year Bible. I was reminded of the very first words in the Bible, For our new year of reading, Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning....."
I love that. What a way to start a day...a new year...fresh.

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