Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the road again...

I'm on the road every few days. I am thankful for my Rendezvous and it's so comfortable for these long hours of driving. I went to San Angelo and shared at the church...met such nice people.
I am amazed at how in the moments before I opened my mouth I still had no idea what would come out. God is so faithful...the words that the people needed to hear is what came out. I had one man that was particularly encouraged to follow the Lord's leading even though it seems the prime of youth has left...well it left me too. and if I recall the story from Pat, they were past their young days as well. Sometimes He calls when we least expect...
Randy is preparing for his visa trip...not sure of his destination but it's covered in prayer. One of his new buddies wants to go along. I'm thankful he won't be alone.
So I am sharing at two more churches out of town the next couple of weeks. Exciting! We'll see what God has for us and who he uses to supply our needs.

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