Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Shuk

Shuk Shopping

Most of the shopping is done at the shuk in Tel Aviv;
you walk everywhere and just pull your cart.
You can find almost anything.
The chickens come with their feet but most of their feathers are gone.
We are on our way to buy supplies for Thursday's meal.
We bought & peeled a lot of potatoes and carrots for the soup kitchen and Shabbat.
We didn't buy the meat below but I couldn't resist posting the picture.
No one seems to get sick from these open air different than our sterile, antibacterial world.

Debbi and I loved looking at all the spices. We weren't sure what they were
These are just beautiful.
The smell of spices can overwhelm you as can the thoughts of how we could experiment with these unknowns.

The Kitchen

The soup kitchen and Shabbat lunches all start here. The kitchen is small in comparison to what it produces. Organization is key. 

This is the store room for the church. It houses all the items needed for the ministries that go on all week. The totes hold the clothing that is distributed on Tuesdays. The clothing is put out so that it ressembles a store to help restore a little dignity to those who have nothing. Plastic bags are a hot item as the homeless keep their possessions in the bag and carry it until it falls apart or is taken.  Everything is re-organized when the clothing distribution is over. I was amazed at how quickly the boxes emptied and you were left wondering and praying how you would help sipply those needs next Tues.

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Amy said...

Wow. What an awesome idea to put the clothing out like a store..a small, almost overlooked detail that can mean so much to someone. Neat.